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Crowdreviewing O’Connor’s California Civil Pretrial Handbook.

After three years in development, we are finally nearing completion of our first California procedure manual (read: PRINT), titled O’Connor’s California Civil Pretrial Handbook. Although we have several editors involved in the project, I’m interested in the idea of crowdreviewing what is essentially a beta version of the product (read: NEAR FINAL DRAFT).

If you are a California practitioner or law librarian and would be interested in participating in this experiment, let me know by dropping me a line either in the comment box or through the contact link above. Once I’ve gotten enough responses, I’ll fill everyone in on the history of the project, contents, etc.

[Image (CC) by Matthew Field]

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  • kathleen April 13, 2012, 3:23 pm

    Thank you for making this available to CA county public law libraries: As a solo law librarian, we are always looking for affordable material that is a reliable source.