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AALL bestows New Product of the Year Award on WestlawNext

By Jason Wilson

Well, well, well, it’s been a busy week for West Publishing. First the print division gets tattooed for $400,000 in the Rudovsky case and now AALL has bestowed upon the Westlaw division their New Product of the Year award. From the press release:

WestlawNext fits how the next generation of legal professionals is looking at research,” said Michelle Cosby, Faculty Services Librarian at North Carolina Central University School of Law, and chair of the AALL New Product Award committee. “Our committee found WestlawNext visually appealing and easy to learn how to use. We also liked the tools on WestlawNext that allow researchers to share research folders, highlight text and add notes to documents.

Anne Ellis, senior director of Librarian Relations for Thomson Reuters, believes that as technology continues to improve legal information services, the role of the library professional will become even more critical to the sharing, leveraging and management of information to optimally benefit both legal organizations and their clients. “Law librarians are the very heart of legal research and have been key in bringing legal research and technology together, especially now in the digital age,” she said.

Although I can’t say I disagree with the decision, I am curious to know who the contestants were. Also, someone get Professor Wheeler on the phone for a reactionary quote, stat.

[Image (CC) by bjornmeansbear]

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