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Canadian copyright action against Thomson Reuters certified as class action

By Jason Wilson

There’s been a lot of brouhaha the last couple of days over the recently filed New York class action lawsuit against Thomson Reuters and Lexis for copyright infringement of appellate and trial briefs, but very little talk about the related Canadian class action. Well, it seems that earlier this week, Judge Perell in Waldman v. Thomson Reuters Corp. & Thomson Reuters Canada Ltd. decided in a rather lengthly 43-page opinion to grant class certification. I just got the opinion from Jordan Goldblatt of Sack, Goldblatt & Mitchell this morning, so I haven’t had time to fully digest it yet. Suffice it to say, I find it pretty interesting reading, particularly the parts about whether a client is a co-author and waiver of privilege would be necessary to effectuate consent. I look forward to diving into this opinion as I suspect there will be parallels to the US litigation.

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  • Omar Ha-Redeye March 20, 2012, 2:07 pm

    Any chance of posting that opinion letter for us?

    • jasnwilsn March 20, 2012, 5:04 pm

      I'm in the middle of another post, but I will certainly try to get something up within the next week or two.