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So my father wrote this slightly pornographic and slightly erudite vocabulary-building book. I think you’ll like it, or you may be offended.

The title pretty much tells it all. Stanley Wilson, my father, has been writing pretty much all my life, which is probably where I got the bug from. But more to the point, last year he decided to start putting together all of his microscopic short stories (2-4 paragraphs) in what can only be described as the oddest bathroom reader I could imagine. He’s a funny (odd?) guy, and if you’re interested in gambling on a book (or even Vol. 2, which will grace the online shelves sometime in 2013), then I’d encourage you to give it a look. His stories have a way of “driving” the meaning of a word home if you catch my drift. The book is titled “Wordories: A place where a word meets a story,” and you can find it on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

[Image I stole from my friend, eschipul]

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