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The “Next” Strategy: Does “Reuters Next” hint at changes for WestlawNext?

Yesterday Talking Biz News posted that Thomson Reuters was working on a “massive web relaunch” of reuters.com:

“Known internally as ‘Reuters Next,’ the new reuters.com will be a ‘state of the art’ offering with a redesigned front-end and a proprietary content management system built from scratch, said … sources, who described the site as being remodeled into editor-curated, stream-based channels such as world news, politics, business and tech.”

Although the use of the “Next” moniker is interesting, it would appear that most of the changes are on the back-end CMS, which “was built on a legacy system conceived in the wire-agency age.” But these changes may portend some design and content integration changes within WestlawNext, you know, something to make WLN stickier. News, after all, is a part of a lawyer’s workflow.

[Image (CC) ThomsonReutersLegal]

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  • @nickholmes January 9, 2013, 10:24 am

    Why do the pics attached to each post not show above the post? We just get the main blog image. Thanks for continuing your blog. We need it.

    • jasnwilsn January 9, 2013, 10:29 am

      That's just how I have it set up now. If readers really want to see the full picture, then they can click through on the attribution. It's a way of promoting people (most of the time) for contributing to the Internet of things.