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Lawyers, If you’re not on Vine now, it may already be too late.

This is not a joke. Lawyers, you MUST be on Vine now. If you aren’t producing 6 second looping videos about your practice, associates and their hipster attire, speaking engagements, ghost-written blog and marketing content, or the office cat, then you may already be too late. Wait any longer, and you’ll be behind the most innovative thinkers in the legal space, those who are making quirky videos to bolster their Twitter and Facebook feeds, MAKING THEMSELVES RELEVANT in today’s distraction economy. 1 If you aren’t doing this, the Millennials—your future associates—will think Luddites. And that’s just your potential workforce. Think about all the business you are missing out on, right now. After all, 95% of all lawyers use social media, and 50% of them get substantial business from it. These firms and lawyers are the future. Don’t be a five percenter.

Act NOW (get Vine) before it’s too late!

[Image (CC) by panchowatkins]

For more interesting commentary on this post, see Scott Greenfield, Too Late (Feb. 3, 2013) and Kevin O’Keefe, Social media for lawyers : Is it hype or plain common sense? (Feb. 3, 2013).


  1. We can’t all produce internet gold like lawyer, patriot, and champion Adam Reposa, but Vine might help level the playing field.

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  • @VBalasubramani February 1, 2013, 10:58 am

    Is there a "top 100 lawyers on Vine" yet?

    • jasnwilsn February 1, 2013, 11:03 am

      I don\’t actually think any lawyers are really \”on\” Vine yet. Some have accounts, but haven\’t posted. 🙂