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Westlaw Analytics: Mimicry is the sincerest form of flattery

So, I was perusing this month’s edition of Thomson Reuters’ PracticeInnovations (pdf), and was about to dive into the piece on Westlaw Analytics when I caught a glimpse of the screen cap.



And then I thought, here we go again.



[Image from Google Analytics]

At the end of the day, mimicry of what we know and are used to is both efficient and calming. I’m not busting TR’s balls for doing it, in fact I like it, and the entire idea of giving users even greater access to information about research sessions.  I’ll be very interested to read the reviews of law librarians who have had a chance to implement the product in their practices.

I couldn’t find anything, but does anyone know if Lexis has a tool like this?

[Image (CC) by california cowgirl1]


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