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This. Is. Depressing. The future of law schools. [Video]

Bloomberg Law produced a video of last week’s ABA Task Force on the Future of Legal Education. There are so many pull quotes from this thing, and you know plenty of gems were left on the digital production floor:

“If there’s anyway this task force could put U.S. News out of business, I would urge it to do so.” Gary Roberts, Dean Indiana University McKinnly School of Law

“To say that law schools are forced to behave a certain way because of U.S. News, I think shirks your own moral obligation. It’s out there because there was a public consumer need for that.” Rebecca Berch, Chief Justice, Arizona Supreme Court

“I would strongly favor a two-year option in law school.” Jon Streeter, Immediate Past President, California State Bar

“Every aspect of the economy is expected to use technology to be more cost effective. In other words, using fewer people to accomplish the same result. Education in general, in particular higher education, seems to be highly resistent to this.” Thomas W. Lyons III, Partner, Strauss, Factor, Laing & Lyons

I could go on. But why bother. You can watch it below.

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