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The future of law librarians

I followed the #callacbd2013 tweet stream today, and I had the pleasure of looking over Sarah Glassmeyer’s slidedeck before the session even began. I have to say  I was intrigued by what the community would say about Jean O’Grady and Sarah’s talks today, and I was a bit disappointed. So that means that people were either totally enveloped in their talk and couldn’t tweet, or were so bored, that they didn’t bother. I’m pretty sure it was the former rather than the later, or that that they were just Canadians and didn’t know how to work Twitter or other social media, which I understand is a problem for them.

Anyway, here they are, in all their Canadian glory:



Okay, apparently I can’t work Twitter, and Canadians do tweet (in English too). Here are some selections from yesterday’s talks given by Glassmeyer and O’Grady:

Colleen Cable@sglassmeyer flaw in design and willful disregard of dangers = law schools; similar to Hindenberg x Titanic/herding cats #callacbd2013

Bess Reynolds@sglassmeyer is using some imaginative metaphors including 1 w/ Hindenberg, the Titanic, and a herd of cats. Really funny. #callacbd2013

Colleen Cable@sglassmeyer always hear law schools don’t teach practical skills; librarians have been doing it all along = legal research #callacbd2013

Kim Nayyer@sglassmeyer tells it—re #lawschool slower pace of change, disruptive forces incl #freelaw (@CanLII) and ABS #callacbd2013

Bess Reynolds: Jean O’Grady speaking on hot management trends for law firms in 2013. Expect 10 more law firm collapses w/in the year. #callacbd2013

Bess Reynolds: Jean O’Grady: law librarians must move from overhead to added value to core to the business. #callacbd2013

Mandy Ostick#callacbd2013 wish we could stop obsessing about our image as librarians, but Jean O’Grady shows our historic identity is truly a problem.

Shaunna Mireau#callacbd2013 @jogdc used to build #libraries now disassembling. It sucks but we have to move past it

Colleen Cable: look at what people are coming to you for and how can you sell that in a different way? @jogdc #callacbd2013

Mandy Ostick#callacbd2013 Jean O’Grady- the word libraries is a problem for us. Libraries as we know & love them have a limited future.

Colleen Cable: started ‘on-shoring’ at DLA @jogdc was asked to move some jobs to central office in Tampa; looked at ‘non-core’ activities #callacbd2013

Colleen Cable: only 7 out of 1,106 c-levels are former law librarians #scary @jogdc #callacbd2013

Colleen Cable: what should we keep doing?: research, licensing, management, risk management, digital resource selection, CI, KM @jogdc #callacbd2013

Linda Harmata#callacbd2013 “No one can hear us being strategic because all they hear is the bun lady shushing” Jean O’Grady #breakstereotypes

 Be sure to hit up the full hashtag for more on the talks. I couldn’t find anywhere that O’Grady had posted a slidedeck, so if you know, please leave a link in the comments.

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