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#ABATECHSHOW Why you should consider MyCase.

Okay, so I don’t really get into the LPM fray that much. Sure, sure I write infrequently about the platforms and their pluses and minuses and differences or whatever. But here is something no one ever says: consider a company because the people involved are just good, honest, hardworking, and overall nice. Now, I could say this about other providers like Smokeball (because they are awesome people, top to bottom), but I’m waiting for some of them to develop into more fully functional platforms. At this time, the only provider I can endorse is MyCase. Why Jason, would you do this? Well, for a couple of reasons. (1) [let’s just leave this blank]; and (2) I believe that MyCase shares my own ideas about building tools for the consumer (you, lawyer) rather than using API integrations with other providers. Is it annoying that you don’t get everything you want RIGHT THIS FUCKING SECOND. Of course, but wouldn’t you rather have a something thought out and unified? Look at what Thomson Reuters is doing with their own platforms (eDiscovery Point, Practice Point, etc.). The days of bolting other shit into our workflow should be something we long for saying goodbye too (yes, Adobe or whatever).

Look, if family matters to you, then MyCase is worth a look. I didn’t look for these relationships and God knows I don’t get paid for anything, but I’ve seen the platform, I’ve played with it, and I’ve come to know many of the people behind it. Some of you may want a quick and dirty solution, but I’m betting that many of you are looking for a product solution backed by people that you’d have over to your house, you know, to play with your kids and help you leverage LPM. Or just play with your kids. I’m pretty sure anyone at MyCase can do that. Except maybe the software engineers. I haven’t met them, and they are probably weird.

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