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WestlawNext v. Lexis Advance: Speed and Accuracy or just Fuck It.

So this is was in my feed today:

Westlaw Next v. Lexis Advance: Which is Better?

An empirical study looked at how the two systems performed on basic legal research tasks utilizing key word searches. It found “few significant differences” between the two on speed and accuracy.

Great. I subscribe to Lexis Advance and Hein Online. Guess what I can’t get? This fucking article. So I Goozigle it, and here’s the abstract I get:

In 2010, Thomson Reuters released a new search engine to the legal academy called WestlawNext. WestlawNext’s single-search-box approach revolutionized the legal research process. LexisNexis followed with its own next-generation search engine, Lexis Advance. This study compares the speed and accuracy of WestlawNext and Lexis Advance for basic legal research questions. Fifty-five participants answered five legal questions in each system. We reviewed their results and research trails to determine how the systems compared on speed and accuracy. Our results indicate few significant differences between the two systems for basic legal research tasks utilizing keyword searches.

Somebody tell me how two highly complex legal research platforms can be compared based on 55 people searching 5 legal questions on each system? Do I not understand something about math or stats or whatever? And while we’re at me not understanding sample sizes and shit, someone please fucking explain to me why law librarians are suggesting coloring books for research. I really feel like we’ve reached a new low in legal education.

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