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newavi_edited-1I’m Jason Wilson, a vice-president of one of the few remaining independent legal publishing companies in the States. We are a small group that is obsessively dedicated to producing some of the best (and most colorful) practice manuals and code sets lawyers have ever seen, and most recently started with an online platform, which has proved to be quite an interesting challenge. I’ve spent over 22 years researching and writing on the practice of law in an effort to make the lives of others easier. And somewhere along the way, I was also a trial and appellate attorney.

I feel it’s necessary to tell you that the words appearing on this blog are mine and mine only. They do not reflect the thoughts, emotions, opinions, or ramblings of my employer, family, or even friends. In fact, they probably aren’t very representative of the legal publishing industry. I put words here because I have to. Otherwise I would go crazy.

If you want to speak at me, drop me a line at jasnwilsn@gmail.com or you can follow me on Twitter.