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For Nicole Wilson: Because she is all of our kids.

May 6, 2014

There are so many words we can choose to describe our children, that run from Angry with a stopover at Funny or Happy and a slide into Morose leading into Nightowl with the inevitable Out-of-Sorts or even Surly, but always Warm and most assuredly Yours. These adjectives change daily, if not every hour or (as [...]

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Apps That Make Me Happy

January 17, 2013

On Wednesday, I attended Thomson Reuters’ day-long series of product and strategy presentations, which have been discussed nicely by Bob Ambrogi, Monica Bay, and Jean O’Grady. Rest assured, I’ll have my own shill-free posts next week on what I saw, heard, and didn’t hear. But for the time being, I wanted to pick up on something [...]

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What is important?

January 21, 2010

Through a glass door you watched the surf break in the distance while someone told you confidentially that what’s really important is the way time passes in dreams when you’re not dreaming. Desperate Characters, Nicholas Christopher [[Photo (cc) bortescristian]]

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